# Patchwork Show Tustin Fall 2023 – RECAP

## Summary Bullets

* The Patchwork Show in Tustin, which was originally scheduled for the earlier season, successfully wrapped up last weekend.
* Southern California weather was favorable with 80 degrees, making for an enjoyable shopping experience on the last weekend of the holiday season.

## Hot Take

The rescheduled Patchwork Show in Tustin was anything but patchy! Seasonal switches had nothing on this crafty extravaganza that triumphed despite the initial hiccups. In the golden state of Southern California, where the sun seemingly has a sizzling romance with the land, an 80-degree shopping spree was the cherry on the top of a joyous holiday season. If this doesn’t symbolize the sheer tenacity and warmth (quite literally) of the crafting world, I don’t know what will – maybe a hot glue gun duel at high noon? Tune in to the artsy world’s version of survivor, where the fittest, most creative souls celebrate their passion, come rain or heatwave!

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