Article Breakdown

– Uses 49th and Market materials & assets for the design.
– Started the project with the Foundations premade album.
– Painted the covers of the album with festive red.
– Decorated the album’s spine with lovely ribbons.
– Integrated plenty of layers of printed die cut for aesthetical perspective.

Hot Take

Honestly, Lisa’s approach to crafting sort of feels like she pulled out a premade cookie dough from the store, slathered it in rainbow sprinkles (red paint in this case), and claimed to have baked from scratch. But hey, no judgment here! Whatever floats your artsy boat! Devoured in one seating or savoring each bite, a cookie is still a cookie, right? So, whether you’re a master artisan or just a rogue decorator running wild with ribbons and paint, creative expression is what matters. All in all, there’s no denying that Lisa’s creatively repurposed premade album is a charming Christmas treat that seems to be saying, “Ho-ho-hold up, was this not crafted from scratch? You’ll never know!”

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