Cross-Stitch Display Décor Drama

Key Points

  • There are countless ways to prepare your finished cross stitch for its grand display.
  • Keeping your cross stitch in its original stitching hoop is an established method.
  • To ensure the fabric edges don’t play peekaboo, consider sewing them to each other or otherwise securing them.

Hot Take

Here’s the thing about cross-stitch mastery – it’s a whole lot like herding cats. You’ve got a thousand different ways to display your woven wonder, and picking just one can be as tough as deciding which cat video to share on Facebook. Keep it in the hoop where it was born and raised? Sure, if you’re a traditionalist with a taste for circular art! But beware, those cloth edges have a bad habit of turning into sneaky little escape artists. So, you might consider tacking them down with a stitch or two. Or get creative and secure them in a way that would make MacGyver proud. At the end of the day, remember this— your cross-stitched cat might not hang perfectly on the wall, but at least it won’t cough up hairballs on your carpet!

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