No More Chunky Chain Blues- DIY Chunky Chain Necklaces.

Key Points:

– Heavy chains are a hot trend but you can make all of your linked dreams come true by crafting your own chunky chain necklaces.
– Don’t just stop at the links! You can even personalize and spice up your chunky necklace by adding words to the links.
– This DIY project removes the barrier between you and fashionable flair. It’s a tool for expressing your personal style in a unique and quirky way.

Hot Take


If you’re sitting there, dwiddling your thumbs and feeling your neck eerily bare, mourning all the chunky chains you couldn’t afford on your last online shopping spree, weep no more! You can now channel your inner craft goddess, shake off the boredom demons and create fabulous personalised chunky chain necklaces. Jazz them up by adding sassy words to the links. Link ’em, clasp ’em, flaunt ’em. Ooze quirkiness like a pro, and remember, the only thing better than wearing a trend is being the one who made it from scratch! Seriously, is there a better way to stay ahead of the fashion game while making lockdown life less boring? I think not. So, grab those pliers and let’s get linking!

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