**Key Points:**

– “Peace lilies: Not Exactly Doves of Peace, But Close Enough”
– Glossy green model leaves slapped with beautiful white flowers? Stop talking about your high school prom corsage, we’re talking peace lilies here.
– These fake lilies are the ultimate “I woke up like this” plant because they can stand the shade all while scrubbing your air cleaner than a toothbrush to the plaque.
– Oh yeah, they aren’t real lilies. Bet you didn’t see that twist coming!

“A Different Kind of ‘Lily'”

“Fakers Making it Big-time?”

Peace lilies aren’t the real deal for lily zeal, but let’s not hold a grudge. Despite not being true to their name they are truly remarkable plants. Surviving in low light, they’re the perfect housemate for anyone without a green thumb…or a window.

“Breathe Easy with the Green-leafed Maids”

Take a deep breath, because these bad boys are cruising around your home, dragging airborne toxins down with them. Yes, you read right – they practically vacuum those nasty toxins out of the air. Talk about house-plant meets house-maid!

“The Plot Twist”

Oh and the plot thickens, as peace lilies aren’t genuine lilies. But is there really a need for authenticity when you’re this green and glossy?

**Hot Take:**

So to sum up, in the plot twist to end all plant-based plot twists, the peace lilies aren’t really lilies. Dun dun dun! But that doesn’t mean they’re not stars in their own right. With the ability to stand tall in the face of minimal sunlight, devour your household toxins and still look pretty in the process, these plants are more ‘Reality TV Queens’ than ‘Understudies’. Yes, they’ve got a bit of an identity crisis , but don’t we all? So if you’re after a low-maintenance, air purifying, all round super-plant, peace lilies are your guy. Or girl. Or whatever they identify as – they’re plants after all.

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