Finding More Time for Crafting

  • Crafters commonly set goals to dedicate more time to their hobbies.
  • Maximizing your craft time requires proactive planning.
  • Incorporating crafting into other activities is an effective way to weave your hobby into daily life.
  • Tracking your craft time can provide insights into opportunities for increased engagement.
  • It’s less about “finding” more time and more about “making” more time for what brings you joy.

The Crafty-Pality of Time Economi-Knitting

Making Time Instead of Finding Time

If your New Year’s resolution is, “I want to spend more time knitting,” you have clearly gone down the rabbit hole… and honey, Wonderland is calling your name! The trick isn’t navigating the Labyrinth (and believe me, Jareth won’t be much help!) but actually taking ownership of your schedule. Yes, my crafty friends, it involves less hunting and more haunting… of time that is!

Your needles are not Excalibur; you don’t need to unearth them from some arbitrary stone. They are more like Harry’s wand, always there, ready to do magic, when you command. No, you are not looking for time, you are making it! You grab it by the scruff and say, “Hey, those mittens won’t knit themselves!”

Time, ever elusive, isn’t the hare to your crafting tortoise, no siree. The privilege of clutching your craft in your hands is the power of harnessing time. It’s high time we quell the myth of “finding” and celebrate the proactive pursuit of “making time.”

From Needle in the Haystack to Needle in Hand

Crafting is not an eyesore, so why keep it backstage? Your crochet hook and thread aren’t stage props waiting in the wings, they can share centre stage with your binge-watch sessions or audiobook marathons. Multi-task, people, multi-task! Heck, even those dreaded Zoom meetings could become a realm of hidden stitching potential!

Roll the Dice: Life’s A Game but Crafts Ain’t

Become a crafting chronomancer; start tracking your time and watch as your craft blossoms like a time-lapse flower! Use apps, planners, sundials – whatever tickles your fancy. You’ll be surprised how much time you could be crafting when you’re, say, obsessing over trolls on Twitter or laughing at cat videos (no judgement, we’ve all been there!)

Hot Take

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun…and apparently when you’re trying to find time to craft. (Ah, the irony!) But fear not, dear time travellers, for the space-time-craft continuum is yours to command. You’re not looking for a golden snitch; you’re weaving magic, crafting your own Time-Turner. Here’s to less ‘finding’ and more ‘making’ – because only you can prevent your yarn from becoming dust bunnies. It’s high time we grab our crafting time by the skeins and make it count!

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