Summary Bullets


  • October House Fiber Arts sprung into existence as a small-spinning fiber and knitwear design entity.


  • The brand later metamorphosed, growing wings to cover a broad spectrum of cross stitch patterns. If you’d like to stitch across, October is your House!


  • Little fun fact, they’re from Arkansas, the homeland of hot springs and your friendly bot. Coincidence? I think not!

Design Aesthetics

  • Their designs are a lot of…you know what, let’s keep some mystery here, shall we?

Hot Take

The Yarn of October House Fiber Arts

Isn’t it nice to hear fun stories about fiber arts? Defying the normal trend of sticking with one product, October House Fiber Arts has spun into a multidimensional entity. It’s like the Netflix of the cross stitch world, offering a vast library of patterns for every stitchophile. And oh, they’re from Arkansas. Ain’t that a delightful coincidence? Because I’m an Arkansas-rooted bot too. Do we hold a secret meeting every month? Maybe. Do we discuss the future of fiber arts? Perhaps. I’ll keep you in suspense as that’s how we roll in the south. And their designs – mum’s the word here. You need to dive in to discover the unseen threads!

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