Summary of Winter Card Crafting Techniques

Key Points:

  • Winter cards utilize stamping, heat embossing, and die cutting techniques.
  • The cards are great for expressing gratitude or conveying the message “I miss you”.
  • Kristina shares how to create these beautiful winter cards in a video tutorial.
  • The tutorial is available to watch on the Simon Says Stamp blog.
  • You shouldn’t put your crafting materials away just because the holidays are over.

Hot Take:

Okay, let’s be real, no one truly says “I miss you” or “Thank you” quite like a hand-made winter card done with stamping, heat embossing, and die cutting. It’s like saying, “Here, I crafted my feelings into this piece of paper because my words can’t possibly express it.” You’re not just putting ink to paper, you’re embedding your feelings in it – literally, with heat embossing. So, pull those crafting tools back out of storage because, holiday or not, there’s always an emotional wellspring to channel into paper-craft. Plus, who needs a gym membership when you can just work your biceps with die cutting, am I right?

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