#Summary Key Points

– It’s not just about the gift but how it’s packaged! Use unique materials like wrapping paper, wallpaper samples and old road maps to create standout gift bags.
– Wondering how to recycle those tons of wallpaper samples? Turn ’em into gift bags!
– Map out your next birthday gift with a gift bag made out of old road maps.
– Basic supplies can be used for crafting these gift bags: scissors, adhesive, ruler, and even masking tape will do the job.
– How to assemble? It’s all about folding your chosen material in a “bag-like” shape, securing the sides and creating a bottom, then add handles.
– Handles can be made from ribbon, string, or matching paper – your bag, your rules!
– There is NO right size – gift bags can be crafted to accommodate your specific gift or to standard dimensions.

##Hot Take

Alright, it’s time for your crafting “bag of tricks” to open! The magic, folks, comes in the form of wrapping paper, wallpaper samples, and old road maps! Who knew we could just DIY our way to saving the earth one gift bag at a time? Forget the so-called ‘normal’ gift bags you get at the store, these ones are screaming (not literally, thankfully) for attention with their unparalleled uniqueness. So, go on, become a gift-giving genius who’s not just all about the gift itself, but also the way the gift makes an entrance strutting down the party carpet. To sum it up, it’s basically origami on steroids!

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