Frequently Asked Questions

Which heat gun should I use?

A heat gun that is at least 1,000 watts and must reach a temperature of 800 degrees F or higher. We use this one here

Can you use Torch Paste on sealed/stained/painted surfaces?

The GEL needs to be IN contact with the Medium you are using therefore it is not recommended to apply anything to the piece prior to using Diablos Touch

Where Can I Buy Diablos Touch?

What stencils Can I use?

 adhesive, reusable, Cricut, vinyl, Silhouette, paper, plastic stencils.

Can i make my own designs and stencils?

YES you can…we use Vinyl from a Plotter and the Cricut Machine Currently and there are many other way such as a Screen Print

What Can I use Diablos Touch On?

Diablos Touch  was Intended for Wood Mediums , but we have had success with Papers and clothing aswell…it is your hobby and your imagination that will shine through 

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